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Using setup.ini to customise Adobe Reader/Acrobat installation


If you are using Adobe Reader/Acrobat in an enterprise environment you may need to customize the installation with pre-defined settings and options so that all users in your environment have the same installation settings.

Currently you can do this using the standard Customization Wizard to create transform (MST) files which apply customized settings to the installation.  Using an MST, you will then need to call the command line installation routines to install the product.  Alternatively, you may also edit the setup.ini file, and then install the product using the setup.exe executable.  The advantage of this method is that it is using the familiar setup.exe installation process, and you can apply settings and multiple patches in one step.

The following are some examples of setup.ini files to achieve various common tasks:

1. Install a subset of languages with the MUI version of Adobe Reader:

1033=English (United States)
1036=French (France)
1034=Spanish (Traditional Sort)

This sample will install Adobe Reader MUI 9.1 in English, French and Spanish, and then apply the 9.4 update MSP.

2. Install Adobe Reader and apply multiple patches:


Adding this line to the setup.ini will apply 3 patches just be executing the setup.exe once.

3. Install Adobe Reader with some command line options:

1031=German (Germany)
CmdLine=TRANSFORMS="AR94_TEST_custom_path.mst" LANG_LIST=DEU DISABLE_AIR_SHARE=YES DISABLE_ASIAN_FONTS=YES /qb!- /l*v log940_setup_ini.txt

This sample will install Adobe Reader 9.4 MUI in German, and apply the custom transformation (MST), with the command line options as specified.

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