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LiveCycle Workbench ES2: duplicate body tags when saving a form with floating fields


When using LiveCycle Designer 9 through LiveCycle Workbench 9 to create and modify XDP templates with static text and floating fields, you may notice that saving the form in this situation creates duplicate <body> nodes in the XML source.

There is an issue with the integration between Workbench and Designer and the auto-checkout functionality when saving changes to a file.


This issue will be addressed in a future release. Currently there is a quick fix available for LiveCycle ES2 SP2. Contact Adobe Enterprise Support to obtain this quick fix.

As a workaround you use the Save button on the Designer toolbar, rather than the File>Save menu item.

Additional information

 This issue can be reproduced using the following steps:

  1. Open Workbench 9.5.
  2. Create new application.
  3. Right-click new application and create new form in Workbench, click Finish.
  4. Add a static text object.
  5. Menu: Insert->Floating field.
  6. Save and close XDP.
  7. Checkin form in Workbench.
  8. Double-click form in WB to open in Designer.
  9. Delete some chars from static text label.
  10. Click on File menu (yes to checkout).
  11. Then view XML.


Duplicate <body> node in the static text field object.

This behaviour means that only the first node, with the old text label, will be used when the form is rendered, and shown in Designer design view.  It also produces an “Invalid append operation” error in the server log, and in Designer log.

reference: (181920824/2777586)

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