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Acrobat XI: new tab-stop feature available for rich-text fields


With the latest release of Adobe Acrobat/Reader XI there is a new feature available for structuring text in rich-text fields in XFA-based forms.  You can now add/modify tab-stops in rich-text fields using new UI components.  Adding tab-stops in rich-text fields allows for better formatting and table-like structuring of the text, which is a much requested feature from customers and users.


You download the sample file tabstops_richtext_field_dyn.pdf to see how this feature works.

1. Open the sample file in Acrobat/Reader XI.

2. Place the cursor in the large rich-text field.

3. Press CTRL+E on the keyboard to bring up the Form Field Text Properties toolbar.

4. Click the button “More…”

5. You will see the new Tabs dialog where you can create/modify the tabs in the field.

6. From here you can create/modify/delete the defined tab-stops, and change the alignment (Left, Right, Center, Decimal), or the position.


You can now also use the key combination CTRL+TAB on the keyboard to tab between tab-stops in the rich-text field.

The measurement units for the tab stops are inherited from the units defined in the Preferences (Edit > Preferences > Units & Guides > Page & Ruler Units):

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