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LiveCycle ES: support for LC ES in virtualized environments


 Virtualization technologies tested and supported by Adobe for LiveCycle ES include VMware ESX, IBM LPAR, and Solaris Zones. Microsoft Hyper-V is not supported.

VMware created the virtualization market in the x86 world. Their product offerings can be grouped under two buckets: hosted and bare-metal. Bare-metal virtualization offers better performance than hosted virtualization.

Hosted virtualization requires a “host” operating system which hosts other “guest” operating systems hat are contained in virtual machines.  A bare-metal virtualization platform is a bases operating system-like kernel called the hypervisor, usually with a management console that runs on top of the kernel. There is no host OS.

You can find detailed information about installing/deploying LiveCycle ES and ES2 in virtualized environments under the following links, or by searching on

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