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LiveCycle ES: “Documents in this folder are not available” trying to access the repository through WEBDav


If you are using WEBDAV (i.e. web folders) to access your forms and resources in the repository you may encounter the following error in Windows Explorer:

"Documents in this folder are not available.  They may have been moved or deleted, or network problems may be preventing a connection to the server."

This error occurs when some of the folders in the repository contain spaces, so the spaces get replaced with “+” characters for the standard URL encoding.  Internet Browsers are able to handle this URL encoding and you can access the folders and files, however WEBDAV cannot handle these URL encoded folder paths.


 If there are spaces in the folder names, and they are displayed as “+” characters in the WEBDAV folder view, then you can workaround the behaviour temporarily by just renaming the folder and removing the “+” characters.  Then you will be able to browse into the folder.  This will revert back to the folder name with “+” characters when you re-connect to the WEBDAV folder.

The other option would be to link the WEBDAV folder directly to the problem folder (i.e. the one with the “+” characters), instead of linking to the repository root.  This would require a WEBDAV folder entry for each problem folder in the repository, which may not be realistic depending on how many folders you have.

The ultimate solution here is to get the patch which addresses this issue in the LiveCycle repository.  The issue has been fixed in LC ES SP4 (, ES3 (10) and later versions.  Please contact Adobe enterprise support if you require this patch, to ensure you get a version that will work on your platform and LC version.

Additional information

 WEBDAV refers to the method of setting up a Network Location pointing directly to the LiveCycle repository on the LiveCycle server as follows:

1. goto network places

2. add location

3. http://<LCServer_ip_address>:<port>/repository

4. enter LiveCycle credentials for WEBDAV folder (e.g. administrator:password)

5. open WEBDAV folder

reference: (181280536/2526842)

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LiveCycle 7: how to create a WebDAV connection to the Forms appstore


 You can use Web Folders to browse the appstore from FormManager, or to publish forms directly from Designer, however you may encounter problems trying to connect to it using the following URL:



You will need to apply this fix first to enable Web Folders on your system: (Follow method 2)

Then follow these instructions to connect to the WebDAV server:

For XP and W3K:

1.) Navigate to My Network Places

2.) Select Add a network place

3.) Enter http://<server>:<port>/appstore/Forms

4.) When prompted enter the username and password of a user that has the roles of Adobe Administrative Console User and LiveCycle Form Manager Administrator.

5.) You will be prompted for the credentials once again then the add network wizard will display a panel letting you identify a name for the network place.

6.) Select Next

7.) Select the check box to open this connection and select finish.

8.) You have now a webdav connection to the root of the appstore and can publish forms directly to it.

You can then use this Network place directly from Designer to publish/edit forms in the appstore.

reference: (1-22309006)

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