The Complete Guide To Successful Landing Pages [Infographic]

- Matt Wesson

Landing pages have the ability to generate a large number of highly qualified leads for B2B businesses. However, the typical landing page loses more than half of its visitors immediately. How do you not only keep visitors on your page, but convert them into leads?



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Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2012 Recap

- Adam Greco

As always, the Adobe (Omniture) Summit is a hectic, whirlwind affair! Each year, I look forward to it and then it seems to come and go so quickly. This year was no exception and the event was bigger than ever. While many of us “old-timers” miss the days of the event being in Park City or at the Grand America hotel, it looks like those days are over since the event is getting bigger and bigger every year. I thought I’d share some of my impressions of the event related to the web analytics portion of the conference and I also have a related question for you at the end of this post.



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