Discover 3.2: Sequential Segmentation Primer

-Brian Au

The latest Discover release introduces even further sophisticated analysis techniques through sequence and time. All of these advanced data filter and manipulation elements can be applied together and brought into previous Discover projects.



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Five Hidden Gems in SiteCatalyst 15

- Ben Gaines

Recently, two bright and well-trained SiteCatalyst 15 users asked me to point out some lesser-known or lesser-used features which help analysts and marketers run a really tight ship. SiteCatalyst 15 looks fairly similar to SiteCatalyst 14, but beyond the obvious platform improvements (e.g., segmentation, unlimited subrelations, etc.) it does contain a number of features that can be easy to miss but which either save users a lot of time/frustration or enhance the analysis that you can do in the tool. Today I’m going to share five things that I would advise all users of SiteCatalyst 15, both newbies and veterans, to consider trying out.



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