Merchandising variables: Understanding a Retail Fundamental

- David Yoakum

Merchandising variables are fundamental to any successful retail web analytics implementation. Adam Greco has a great post about the technical details of how to set Merchandising variables (with great follow-up comments from our own Kevin Willeitner).

For this post, I wanted to back-up and give an overview of why merchandising variables are so important to retail merchants, and what insights you can get for site optimization.

Merchandising variables can be drive important insights into your customers’ behavior. They can help answer key questions that you cannot get from any other internal reporting tools. For example:

  • How much revenue is being driven by internal search vs. traditional browsing (or other methods)?
  • What web categories are driving the most revenue? Top categories for a given product (if that product is shown in multiple categories)?
  • What site features are customers using (e.g. zoom, alt views, size filters, refinements)?



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