How to Get Data In and Out of SiteCatalyst — Part I

- Brent Dykes

One of the key benefits of using Adobe SiteCatalyst for digital analytics is the variety of options you have for moving data in and out of the tool. On the input side, your company may have a variety of digital properties and initiatives that it would like to track with digital analytics—websites, mobile apps, web-based kiosks, campaigns, etc. It may also want to combine its digital data with useful metadata and offline data to enrich the analysis of its visitors. Adobe gives you different options for collecting, grouping, and appending data, which provides your business greater flexibility and more actionable insights.

On the output side, data that is locked up in silos won’t drive your business forward. Your digital data needs to be shared, analyzed, integrated, and ultimately used to improve business performance. Adobe gives you multiple ways to unleash your digital data.

In this two-part post, I’ll provide a high-level overview of the various input and output options that you have with SiteCatalyst. I’ll also share use cases for each option so you can better evaluate how each can be best applied within your organization. In addition, I’ll try to point you to places for further information on each input/output method.



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Digital Analytics Certification Course Now Available

- Dariana Ross

Interested in becoming an official, accredited Adobe SiteCatalyst user? Adobe Training Services is offering a new Digital Analytics Certification Course, designed to help digital marketers and web analysts hone their analytical skills and move beyond running the standard day-to-day reports. This course will help you become a more trusted and valuable adviser within your organization who helps grow the business through insightful and actionable business recommendations based on data. The five-day classroom-based course will be offered in the APAC region during a series that runs from late August through late November. Participants can earn an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE: Digital Analyst) certification at the end of the course.



Read the full blog post at Adobe Digital Marketing Blog.