Enhanced integration for SiteCatalyst and your ForeSee survey

- Sgubler

For a few years now, Adobe Genesis has allowed you to integrate your ForeSee survey with SiteCatalyst. However, the integration just received a very substantial upgrade! Here is a sneak peek into what this new “version 2.0” integration can do.

#1 – Automatic daily transfer of up to 15 ForeSee survey dimensions in to SiteCatalyst! These can include latent scores like “Satisfaction”, “Navigation” and “Look and Feel” as well as any of your custom questions. These items can be used to create powerful new analytics segments in SiteCatalyst (v15+), Discover, and DataWarehouse. See an example lower in the post.

#2 – Automatic daily transfer to ForeSee of SiteCatalyst behavioral data for survey responders. You can select from 40+ metrics and breakdowns. This now can include your custom props and eVars – not previously available in version 1 of the integration. Having these in the ForeSee analysis tool allows for new filtering options for your ForeSee measurements.



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