Introducing New Metrics in GeoSegmentation and More

-Ben Gaines

Greetings from (mostly sunny, at least this week) London, where I am helping to prepare for Adobe Summit EMEA 2013, Europe’s digital marketing event of the year. I’ll be at Summit along with many of my colleagues, so please come say hello if you’re there. Meanwhile, back home and elsewhere, we’ve been hard at work on some great new features available in Adobe Analytics this month. In this post, I’d like to introduce you to two of these updates.



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Discover 3.0 Fundamentals: Geosegmentation

- Brian Au

The retail industry experts in Adobe Consulting continue to share a series of analysis quick wins for retailers, using Adobe Discover 3. For a limited time, Adobe SiteCatalyst 15 clients can inquire with their account team and ask to take part in a free trial of Adobe Discover. We’ve made it easier than ever to try Discover, and we’re showing some great Discover analysis opportunities specific to the retail industry. For more information and to request trial access, contact your account manager or account executive.



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