Idea Exchange goodness: two new metrics in SiteCatalyst

- Ben Gaines

Shortly after we launched the Idea Exchange in early 2010, a submission floated to the top and has stayed there ever since. Carmen Sutter asked—nay, demanded—“Make Bounce Rate a default metric!” Our customers agreed en masse, with 238 people voting for the idea. We took a step toward responding when we released SiteCatalyst 15 by removing the need to build calculated metric after calculated metric to examine bounce rate in Pages reports, but we knew we weren’t done.

The next time you log into the Idea Exchange and click “Top Ideas,” you will see a big fat “Implemented” under Carmen’s idea. Between adding Bounce Rate to most SiteCatalyst 15 reports (including eVars) and the new Total Time Spent metric with all that it enables you to do, today’s SiteCatalyst release is definitely something to be excited about. Here’s a brief rundown of what we’ve done.



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