Leading mobile gaming website embraces data from Adobe Marketing Cloud to analyze the mobile web channel, optimize user experiences, and drive revenue.

- Mark Boothe

As one of the largest social gaming communities on the mobile web, Tylted is working to revolutionize the casual mobile game market as a leader in mobile advertising. With the increasing dominance of smartphones, the company turned to analytics from Adobe Marketing Cloud, including Adobe SiteCatalyst, to help the company adjust its business model and maintain its market-leading position.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud delivers the insights that guide the progression of our business—from sales and ad strategies to new game development and adoption,” says Wonny Lee, director of marketing at Tylted. “Every game on our site caters to a different demographic. Adobe SiteCatalyst measures each title’s market so we can optimize experiences and revenue potential for every player across devices.”



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Mobile Analytics Advances via SiteCatalyst 15.4

  -Ray Pun  

We have all seen reports that smartphones penetration is rapidly rising and according to eMarketer, approximately 48% of the mobile subscribers in the US will have a Smartphone by the end of 2012. In their “US Mobile Usage Forecast for April 2012”, eMarketer indicates that a 48% penetration rate is equivalent to over 115 Million people. Since each Smartphone purchase requires a mobile data plan, leading mobile carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have seen significant growth in data usage as consumers access the mobile internet on a daily basis to connect with websites or apps.

Because of these industry drivers, media companies and major advertisers have been pursuing co-marketing opportunities with mobile carriers that share common audience segments. For example, sponsorships may exist for major events, shows, and advertising campaigns that are designed to drive audiences to a mobile experience. Consequently, marketers need to understand the size of the audience segment that is engaging with mobile content via a particular mobile operator in order to quantify the effectiveness of a sponsorship.

To help media companies and advertisers address this mobile analytics question of sponsorship effectivness, Adobe SiteCatalyst is now providing the following new report:



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Mobile Site Search Optimization

- Francesca Lohman

According to Forrester, more than 50% of companies report that they are just starting to develop their mobile strategy or have no mobile strategy at all.   This is curious to me given that mcommerce is forecasted to grow at a 55% compounded annual rate though 2015 based on recent eMarketer research.  Why the disconnect?  Clearly mobile commerce is exploding and yet somehow it has not yet hit the radar of many businesses.

What this paradox tells me is that NOW is an ideal time to differentiate and rise above your competition.

But how, you might ask?  By optimizing your site search, for starters.

  • When building a mobile site, don’t be swayed to include fancy graphics or elements that take a long time to load – speed is vital.  Even a one second delay in mobile page load time equals a 7% loss in conversion according to the Aberdeen Group.



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