New mobile app reports deliver insight on app engagement

-Ray Pun

According to a survey of marketing managers by Gartner, investments in mobile apps and tablet apps are among the top priorities for digital marketers in 2013.  Across all business verticals, mobile apps are a key element of a customer loyalty and retention strategy that enables consumers to connect with businesses anytime and anyplace.



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Thinking Mobile First at Adobe Summit

- Ray Pun

Adobe Summit 2013 will include 12 sessions for marketers and developers who are thinking mobile first. To complement Adobe experts, we have invited customer and partner speakers from Wells Fargo, Hyatt Hotels,, Move Inc.,, First Energy, Nascar, Time Warner Cable, Sapient, CityTech, Cognifide, and SiteWorx.  Here is a list of the key mobile sessions by theme:



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Mobile Analytics Advances via SiteCatalyst 15.4

  -Ray Pun  

We have all seen reports that smartphones penetration is rapidly rising and according to eMarketer, approximately 48% of the mobile subscribers in the US will have a Smartphone by the end of 2012. In their “US Mobile Usage Forecast for April 2012”, eMarketer indicates that a 48% penetration rate is equivalent to over 115 Million people. Since each Smartphone purchase requires a mobile data plan, leading mobile carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile have seen significant growth in data usage as consumers access the mobile internet on a daily basis to connect with websites or apps.

Because of these industry drivers, media companies and major advertisers have been pursuing co-marketing opportunities with mobile carriers that share common audience segments. For example, sponsorships may exist for major events, shows, and advertising campaigns that are designed to drive audiences to a mobile experience. Consequently, marketers need to understand the size of the audience segment that is engaging with mobile content via a particular mobile operator in order to quantify the effectiveness of a sponsorship.

To help media companies and advertisers address this mobile analytics question of sponsorship effectivness, Adobe SiteCatalyst is now providing the following new report:



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