Leading mobile gaming website embraces data from Adobe Marketing Cloud to analyze the mobile web channel, optimize user experiences, and drive revenue.

- Mark Boothe

As one of the largest social gaming communities on the mobile web, Tylted is working to revolutionize the casual mobile game market as a leader in mobile advertising. With the increasing dominance of smartphones, the company turned to analytics from Adobe Marketing Cloud, including Adobe SiteCatalyst, to help the company adjust its business model and maintain its market-leading position.

“Adobe Marketing Cloud delivers the insights that guide the progression of our business—from sales and ad strategies to new game development and adoption,” says Wonny Lee, director of marketing at Tylted. “Every game on our site caters to a different demographic. Adobe SiteCatalyst measures each title’s market so we can optimize experiences and revenue potential for every player across devices.”



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Using SiteCatalyst to Build Media Mix Models

- Trevor Paulsen

Adobe’s Digital Marketing solutions are now opening doors to predictive marketing optimizations that were previously only available to huge companies that spend millions of dollars constructing complex economic models to explain the reach of their marketing spend.  These large models typically include surveys, studies, panels, and hosts of other expensive outside resources to deliver statistical optimization to your marketing budget that will maximize your return on spend.

With Adobe’s recent acquisition of Efficient Frontier and recent advancements in predictive consulting, SiteCatalyst customers are able to unleash the full potential of their web analytics data in ways that have not been possible before.

One particular customer Adobe Consulting recently engaged with wanted to determine how to best allocate their digital marketing budget based on several years of historical performance.  Their digital marketing channels included SEO, SEM, affiliates, media advertising, social media, network partners, and email campaigns.  Because the performance of these channels had been thoroughly recorded across several years, Adobe Consulting was able to use this data to form statistical performance models around each of these marketing channels.



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