Social Enablement Platform

- Dave Lloyd

In my last post, I talked about a strategy to enable a brand to socially engage you, the consumer. That’s my motivation for being in your social space, and I’ve given you a strategy for how any digital marketer can make the best use of social forums. My third and final post in this series of blogs is on the process and platform I intend to use in engaging you. A strategy is not much good if there’s no way to execute. This is not, however, totally self-serving. There is an inherent value to you as well, whether a marketer or consumer.



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Why Adobe Social 3.0 Rocks

-Lawrence Mak

Adobe Takes the Next Step to Evolve Social Marketing for Businesses

Today I’m excited to announce our newest version of Adobe Social. What’s new? A lot! We have completely overhauled the user experience with a focus on seamlessly converting social data into business insight. We have also reimagined the social marketer’s day-to-day workflow to enable more efficient collaboration with their business partners across the organization. I am also proud to share that Adobe Social has gone mobile, to allow social media managers and digital marketers to manage social on the go. Lots of great details to share that’ll blow your socks off.



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You May Have a Social Listening Problem.

- Steve Wirig

“You have a hearing problem.”

At least, this is what my spouse will tell me frequently.  However, I would argue that this statement is false, and that my condition is more of a listening problem.  The Merriam-Webster definition of the two words shows a clear difference:

To Hear:  To perceive or apprehend by the ear

To Listen:  To hear something with thoughtful attention : give consideration



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Adobe Social Q&A with Warner Music Group’s Carmen Sutter

- Mark Boothe

We caught up with digital marketing rock star and socially savvy Carmen Sutter, senior director of analytics for Warner Music Group, about WMG’s social objectives and her experience as an Adobe Social beta user.  Carmen has been delving into analytics for seven years, loves music (kinda cool considering where she works!) and football.  Oh yeah, she’s fluent in German, too.



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