A Sneak of Adobe Summit

- Steve Hammond

In my nearly 9 year career with Adobe (and formerly Omniture), I have experienced 23 Summits (US & International).  Each has been better than the last, and honestly, this year I am more excited about the event and content than ever!

My role at Adobe is to work with all the product teams as a stakeholder in the direction of the product and integration strategy, and in communicating what the products do. Part of this role is to share key product insights and present how the products work at events like Summit. Typically we hold this information close to the vest and you see it for the first time at the event.  This year I am going to do something new and actually give you a few early sneak peeks into some of the exciting things that will be shown at the conference.



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Adobe Digital Marketing Summit 2012 Recap

- Adam Greco

As always, the Adobe (Omniture) Summit is a hectic, whirlwind affair! Each year, I look forward to it and then it seems to come and go so quickly. This year was no exception and the event was bigger than ever. While many of us “old-timers” miss the days of the event being in Park City or at the Grand America hotel, it looks like those days are over since the event is getting bigger and bigger every year. I thought I’d share some of my impressions of the event related to the web analytics portion of the conference and I also have a related question for you at the end of this post.



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