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Enabling Manufacturers to Implement 3D-only Design Intent Communications

Acrobat 3D’s capabilities are being leveraged within our customers’ 3D-based workflows in the design, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, technical publications and servicing phases of the product lifecycle.  3D-only processes are often called 3D Model Based Definition, or 3DMBD.   Today most products are designed in 3D but the format of choice for sending design intent information to a supplier remains the 2D drawing in many cases.  Today I will address an important aspect of the transformation to 3DMBD… propagation of 3D across the supply chain with the adoption of PDF as a standard for collaboration.

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Customer Questions: “How do I… “

It is really interesting to read what is said in the press and the “blogisphere” about Adobe in Manufacturing, and especially Acrobat 3D. Much of I read reflects what we hear from our customers… especially when we separate out those few bloggers who just seem to want to pull us into a public debate. In fact, I enjoyed reading the nice article by Nancy Rouse-Talley in yesterday’s edition of TenLinks Daily on “Rethinking Lightweight CAD Viewers” and the accompanying CAD Digest summary of Acrobat 3D reviews that was there as well. For today however, I’m going to focus just upon personal interactions with real customers. The majority of the feedback is very positive, and of course, the questions are extremely helpful.

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