What is Adobe Doing Here?

One thing about doing business development for Adobe in Manufacturing is that I get to a lot of events and speak to tons of people.  It’s always interesting to speak to people.  We see more and more people who have tried our Acrobat 3D product and are really excited to talk about their experiences. Those are fun conversations, but they aren’t the only ones, for sure. Questions come from all sorts of places… like “what’s Adobe doing at a manufacturing show like this”.  Recently I was approached by Ken Rayment at a manufacturing show.  I think it was at National Manufacturing Week, in Chicago, but honestly, I’ve forgotten.  Anyway, Ken asked if I would be up to doing a podcast to explain what we were doing there.  I talked about global reach in the manufacturing space, and how we are helping customers to globalize.  Read on to see Ken’s summary and hear my thoughts.

So, can you imagine standing by a booth at a show and have someone walk up to you and ask for an interview.  If you have ever been interviewed, you know that the quality of the result depends heavily on the interviewer to ask good questions and really listen to what you have to say.  Ken said he would not edit the interview, so I thought “sure, let’s do it”.  I just listened to the result for the first time.  Someone at Adobe just sent me a link to say the interview was live. 


It’s always a challenge for me to listen to my recorded voice.  No career in radio for me for sure.  I did get into globalization, and with the exception of explaining the Acrobat 3D can import virtually any CAD format, and maybe not discussing security, I think I hit most of the key points.  Of course, this was completely spontaneous and rather short, so I’ve got an excuse for leaving a couple of things out.  Ken did a great job of summarizing on his site, so rather than duplicate what he has written, why not go to Podcast News to see (and hear) for yourself.


To see a summary of the discussion and listen to the interview, go to Podcaster News

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