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A Star is Born (Not)

So, I have been writing in this Blog about how Adobe can help all manufacturing companies extend their engineering information across and outside the enterprise.  Our LiveCycle enterprise solutions, Acrobat clients and Connect synchronous and asynchronous tools are all aimed at both managing workflows and extending them.  The reach provided by the ubiquity and rich functionality of Adobe’s cross-platform, run time clients, the free Adobe Reader and Flash are unlocked by our solutions.  Data collection, collaboration, review and comment cycles and of course the ability to share information anywhere was the message I was trying to convey with this picture in a recent article.
  Of course, the workflows could be simple ad hoc collaboration or managed workflows.

So along comes Rak Bhalla from Marketing and says “Doug, that’s fine, but can you show me an example?”  I wrote another article I called Extending CAD outside Engineering showing how to combine 2D and 3D content and make them available broadly.  Well, still not satisfied Rak asked if I would do a “Breezo”.  Well, I did.  Read on to find out what a “Breezo” is and to view what I did.

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Have You Been Invited to the Spring Formal?

Structured Workflows to the Rescue?

I read a study recently about business process trends that said manufacturing companies are increasing the number of structured workflows (in comparison to ad hoc) to streamline operations.  Hum?  So that must mean that business process management being implemented at enterprise levels is swinging the pendulum from informal to formal processes.  I suppose that means enterprise solutions are in and simpler, client-based solutions are out.   I don’t believe it.   Here’s why.

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