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What’s in a Name?

What is New at Adobe?

So, you may be asking yourself, where has Doug been?  He hasn’t posted anything in a while.  Well, I really have something to write about now.  A week ago, Adobe announced Acrobat V9.  The announcement includes Acrobat Pro Extended, which has had many industry analysts speculating about what Adobe was up to in manufacturing.  Acrobat V9 comes in three flavors, Standard, Pro and Pro Extended.  Acrobat Pro Extended is the new “home” for 3D PDFs created on the desktop.  We also announced Livecycle PDFG 3D last week, a server based solution for batch generation of PDFs with 3D content.  I am going to concentrate this article and several that will follow to some of the new features of these two essential manufacturing products.  Today I’ll concentrate just on Acrobat Pro Extended.

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