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PDF Portfolios in Manufacturing Companies

PDF Portfolio in Manufacturing?

As many of you may know, there is a clear trend in manufacturing to increase the use 3D design data, not just within engineering and manufacturing functions, but across the enterprise.  However, sharing 3D data, especially outside of technical areas and with suppliers, has been a challenge.   3D data is almost always accompanied by 2D data, often coming from numerous sources and in involving numerous formats.  We at Adobe have long recognized the need to ensure interoperability while simultaneously helping customers reduce the number of systems necessary to share data with customers or suppliers.  Adobe also recognizes the importance of outstanding presentation and ease of use.  How many emails have you gotten that look like this? (Hint: Look at all of the attachments you get to open… nice!)


Not only does  the PDF Portfolio solve this problem, it is still possible to include multiple file formats where they are needed.  So let’s get to it… click below to read on.

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