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Extending CAD Beyond Engineering

I have been working with many of our customers who have asked about how to get more out of their investment in 3D CAD and PLM.  This is going to be a “how-to” session on doing just that… I would like to show you how to better extend your 3D CAD assets outside of engineering and integrate the product development process across the extended enterprise.


Today we will pretend we work at a company called Global Corp. Imagine that you are the engineering lead for a project, and you must communicate technical information to suppliers.   I will show you how repurpose 3D content from virtually any CAD format, making it available cross-functionally, with suppliers and joint venture partners virtually anywhere.  In today’s scenario, I will show you how a technical specification created in an MS Office application can be combined with any 2D or 3D content and shared easily and securely across the enterprise.

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How Did You Get In a Batch of Trouble?

Do you have dozens of files to convert to PDF?   Maybe hundreds?  I recently spoke to a customer who had thousands of existing TIFF files that needed to be converted to PDF, before his company moved to 100% 3D PDFs for use by their sales force to show parts and assemblies to their customers.  Did you know you can do that with Acrobat 3D? 


Let me show you how to convert multiple files using the tools built into Acrobat.  To learn how, click the link below to read on.

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<News from Adobe for Manufacturing>

Adobe made two announcements last week that will be of interest to engineering and manufacturing firms.  On September 25, Adobe Unveiled the Technical Communication Suite.  The Adobe® Technical Communication Suite software is a first-of-a-kind, integrated solution for authoring, managing, and publishing technical information and training content across multiple formats and languages including 3D content. 


On Friday September 28th  Adobe delivered a new developer site and program, which will be known as the Adobe Develop Connection or ADC.  The ADC is the next generation of what has been known as the Adobe Developer Center.  The ADC will serve as a portal for professionals who code web, desktop and mobile applications, interactive experiences as well as use our SDKs.  It includes technical articles, samples, code, as well as a way for developers to connect with each other.

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Acrobat 3D Enabled Innovation

Collaboration, which can be defined as working together in a shared context to produce a business result, is not a new concept.  In fact, when collocated, collaboration among work teams is natural.  Unfortunately, with constantly changing business models and mounting pressures for better products sooner, older ways of “collaborating” just don’t work.  Ubiquity, Interoperability and Intellectual Property Protection make Acrobat 3D work well, where other solutions fall short.

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