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What’s in a Name?

What is New at Adobe?

So, you may be asking yourself, where has Doug been?  He hasn’t posted anything in a while.  Well, I really have something to write about now.  A week ago, Adobe announced Acrobat V9.  The announcement includes Acrobat Pro Extended, which has had many industry analysts speculating about what Adobe was up to in manufacturing.  Acrobat V9 comes in three flavors, Standard, Pro and Pro Extended.  Acrobat Pro Extended is the new “home” for 3D PDFs created on the desktop.  We also announced Livecycle PDFG 3D last week, a server based solution for batch generation of PDFs with 3D content.  I am going to concentrate this article and several that will follow to some of the new features of these two essential manufacturing products.  Today I’ll concentrate just on Acrobat Pro Extended.

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Pacific Design and Manufacturing

The Adobe Manufacturing Team visited Anaheim, CA last week for the Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show where we had the opportunity to speak with several hundred customers.  To all of you who stopped by to see us, Thank You!  This show seems to attract a high percentage of entrepreneurial firms.  Many of the companies we spoke with are already Adobe customers, and wanted to investigate how to better leverage our products in there day-to-day operations. We get lots and lots of questions, and I can’t answer them all here, but I want to discuss the ones that seem to surface over and over again.  These customer needs stood out at this show:

  • “I am growing my innovation network globally, and need to reach partners and customers in emerging regions.”
  • “I need to share all kinds of data, including 3D CAD, more effectively across the extended organization.”

And this question:

  • “How is this different than the visualization technology we already have (or are thinking about acquiring)?”

Read on to find out how we responded.

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SolidWorks World Thank You


I have just returned from the show in San Diego.   As always, this was a good show.  We had a chance to present some of our thoughts on trends in information sharing and collaboration for processes such as sourcing, new product development, marketing, production manufacturing and others.   We also had the chance to meet with many, many customers who told us stories about how they are.  That is always the best part of these shows.  We get lots of questions and also get a chance to learn how our customers are using our tools.   Read on to find out what we learned about collaboration, document sharing, interoperability and extending engineering data outside.

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News Flash and Hot Topics

So I get to escape the cold Midwest weather for a while.  We will be participating in SolidWorks World and Pacific Design and Manufacturing in Souther California during the weeks of January 20 and January 27.  I’ve included details below.

I also wanted to get out some news and reminders about the Acrobat 3D contest and recent price changes that you should know about.  Read below to see the details…

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