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This Site Will Migrate

The Manufacturing Team at Adobe has decided to expand and improve our blog strategy.  We will be consolidating all of our activity at a single site, .  As a result, I have begun publishing to the new site.  I will also move one or two recent articles to the new site shortly.  I think the new approach will be a great improvement for our customers who will now have one-stop-shopping and richer content.  I’ll see you at the new site. 

Auto Industry Collaboration Leadership

The Automotive industry is making some remarkable progress in PLM.  I recently participated in AUTOe, a mostly automotive PLM conference at Oakland University in suburban Detroit.  Progress in adopting 3D Model-Based Engineering has been so strong that the industry is taking the next steps.  The overriding theme of the conference was collaboration, which was broadly defined to include all of the various forms of synchronous and asynchronous collaboration.  I recorded a number of things that I would like to share.  Please read on to learn about my observations.

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What is Adobe Doing Here?

One thing about doing business development for Adobe in Manufacturing is that I get to a lot of events and speak to tons of people.  It’s always interesting to speak to people.  We see more and more people who have tried our Acrobat 3D product and are really excited to talk about their experiences. Those are fun conversations, but they aren’t the only ones, for sure. Questions come from all sorts of places… like “what’s Adobe doing at a manufacturing show like this”.  Recently I was approached by Ken Rayment at a manufacturing show.  I think it was at National Manufacturing Week, in Chicago, but honestly, I’ve forgotten.  Anyway, Ken asked if I would be up to doing a podcast to explain what we were doing there.  I talked about global reach in the manufacturing space, and how we are helping customers to globalize.  Read on to see Ken’s summary and hear my thoughts.

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Time to Show Us What You’ve Got

Here’s a chance to show what you’ve got… we’ve got a contest for you.  Show us the things you have been able to do, and you could be among the winners.   Adobe is giving away some cool stuff to contest winners.  Read on to find out more. 

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Adobe Manufacturing Early Fall 2007

There is nothing we like better than meeting with our customers.  Bring your business process and technical questions.  The Adobe Manufacturing Business Development Team will be on the road at several events meeting with customers. We have a lot to talk about and show you.  Read the full article to see where we will be and please plan to drop by.

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Enabling Manufacturers to Implement 3D-only Design Intent Communications

Acrobat 3D’s capabilities are being leveraged within our customers’ 3D-based workflows in the design, procurement, manufacturing, distribution, technical publications and servicing phases of the product lifecycle.  3D-only processes are often called 3D Model Based Definition, or 3DMBD.   Today most products are designed in 3D but the format of choice for sending design intent information to a supplier remains the 2D drawing in many cases.  Today I will address an important aspect of the transformation to 3DMBD… propagation of 3D across the supply chain with the adoption of PDF as a standard for collaboration.

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