a few quick links

a few things i have been reading:

An interesting interview with Adam Gerber, a VP at the buzz generating internet TV startup Brightcove. They have a talented group over there, and I’m very interested to see what kind of impact Brightcove has on traditional media and advertising.

Joel Spolsky of the eponymous Joel on Software blog is writing a series of essays on “Great Design”. The first few are posted, and are, as expected, great reads and thought provoking.

Attack of the Zombie Copy. stop writing mindless things like “leveraging best-of-breed technolg…..Mmm…brainssss.”

The beauty of simplicity from Fast Company. Nice, if slightly fluffy, article on how simplicity in design is teh cool.

that’s it for now … hopefully I’ll get to post something a bit more meaty tomorrow.

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