Stickam and FMS

Stickam has been getting some serious buzz the past few days. it’s kind of a myspace, youTube hybrid – a mix of a social networking hub as well as an aggregation point for multimedia content. Throw in some real time communications and presence tools, and you’ve got a really cool, innovative application.

Most commenters are focusing (rightfully so) on the features of Stickam – however, I would like to highlight one excerpt from their “about” page

AVC [Parent company of Stickam] provides Web communication services that enable greater productivity and cost-efficiency across the enterprise. AVC Video Conference services are powered by Macromedia Flash Media Server, designed for the delivery of multimedia Web communications. This advanced technology enables carrier-class services that integrate voice, video, and data to offer true interactivity and Web communications across multiple geographies and platforms.

full disclosure: Up until reading this page, I had no idea that Stickam used FMS. This is just another great example of how developers can use FMS and Flash to rapidly develop innovative applications.

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