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FMS.NEXT Feature Open Thread

Use the comment thread here for suggestions and recommendations for the next version of Flash Media Server. The FMS team will monitor and reply in the thread when necessary.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

Update: Graeme Bulls writes:

I’m trying to stay positive here and that we WILL see another version of Flash Media Server. Due to the complete lack of new material about FMS on Adobe’s site nor at the huge MAX event in Las Vegas (and other Max events around the world), it’s a bit tough …. I have to say though, we (FMS community) have sent tons of opinions and ideas to him, to have to again start from scratch and write them all down is a bit frustrating. I would hope that it wouldn’t have been too much effort to say something like “this is what we have received so far,” (and list them) “any votes for these items or anything else to add?”.

Graeme – thanks for linking back.

Firstly: There absolutely, positively WILL be an FMS 3. However, I can’t talk about timeframes at this point. That Im asking for feedback should indicate that we are in the planning stages.

Secondly: We actually did have 5 or so sessions on FMS, though we had next to nothing going on from the Marketing side of things. I’m going to write more about this soon, but Adobe is taking steps to address the underfunding of FMS marketing.

Thirdly: I struggled with posting “ideas so far”. Believe me, I’ve got a long, long list of suggestions from various sources. The FMS team has gone through those, and added many of our own. However, I decided I wanted this thread to be an open suggestion box, with no ideas to predispose anyone – truly a blank slate. Also, it’s been several months since I asked publicly for this kind of feedback. In many ways, this thread will be a reality check to see how close our thoughts and ideas over the past year are to what the community wants today.

As (hopefully) more ideas and suggestions come in, I’ll break some into their own threads for further discussion.

post-MAX update

(Here’s where I just start posting again and pretend that I didn’t take a 4 month break)

Owen wroteabout the lack of support show for FMS at MAX. While there were only a few sessions on the product, I was amazed at the diversity of uses showcased – everything from basic streaming media to complex, Flex-based, real time communications applications. I gave two sessions on “Introduction to Flash Media Server” and really enjoyed them. Hopefully those who attended did as well.

What was most fun and educational for me was to try to approach FMS as a beginner would and find what the common missteps and hangups would be. Things like understanding why your “Streams” folder is inside your Instance folder; or why you don’t use the “.FLV” in the stream name when calling;.

The learning curve for FMS is pretty steep, and I think we can do better.

In a bit, I’ll creatte an FMS.NEXT open thread to gather feature requests and suggestions for future versions of FMS. In the past few weeks, there have been some organizational changes within Adobe that will really benefit the FMS team. We’ll have more Dev and QE, resources, more marketing, more training, docs, demos, etc. It will take time, but I believe that Adobe is committed to helping FMS grow.

Above, I wrote about the amazing range of ways in which FMS can be used. I met customers at MAX who use FMS for everything from foreign language distance learning to live cattle auctions. It’s an insanely powerful and innovative piece of technology and I don’t think we’ve even begun to see how big it can get. Ever since the Tincan days I’ve wanted a chance to work with this product team, and I’m now lucky enough to do so, and to do it during a period in which the “perfect storm” of online video, user created content, and real time communications are becoming main uses of the web.

Exciting times ahead.


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