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I Left My Heart In FMS …

I know the title is grammatically suspect, but the sentiment is true.

I was recently offered the opportunity to join a “seed project” at Adobe – a new business initiative that takes a product from concept to launch a short period of time. I can’t talk yet about what the project is – only that it involves real time communications within Flash, Flex, and Apollo applications.

It was a difficult decision to leave FMS – the team is amazing and the product is at the forefront of the Flash Video explosion. However, the chance to start from a blank slate – to work with a small, talented, focused team to bring a new idea from whiteboard to market – was too fun to pass up.

I’m going to try to use this blog to track our progress and document what it’s like to work for a startup within a multi-billion dollar company. Next post: how we pulled off our “justify your existence” presentation to the executive team (a/k/a “please don’t cut our funding”). Also, how Darwinism functions in the ecosystem of a large corporation … stay tuned 🙂


hi there.

this blog is where I will post the links, thoughts, and utterances that I usually send around to my co-workers, to their great displeasure. There will be musings on the world of streaming media, tips and tricks (and promotion) for flash media server, and a wonderful variety of punctuation and spelling errors.

I can’t see this blog until I publish the first post, so I’ll keep this one short and then take a look at this thing from the outside. be back soon …