New Developer Center tutorial on “Setting up a PHP development environment for Dreamweaver”

Hi Dreamweavers,
I am one of the editors for the Adobe Developer Center. I wanted to let you know that on Monday we published a new tutorial on the Dreamweaver Developer Center on Setting up a PHP development environment for Dreamweaver. The author is Adobe’s own Charles Nadeau. Charles is the Editorial Manager for Dreamweaver documentation. If you’re interested in getting started developing PHP applications with Dreamweaver, this tutorial is a great place to start. You can find it here:
I’ve been watching the Dreamweaver Developer Center’s site traffic and people are all over PHP tutorials and articles, so I will be working on getting more PHP articles and tutorials out there for you. Keep checking back for updates. We publish new content every Monday afternoon PST.

George Fox
Adobe Developer Center

7 Responses to New Developer Center tutorial on “Setting up a PHP development environment for Dreamweaver”

  1. kyle thompson says:

    excellent stuff.

  2. steven twyford says:

    hi, i need a novice level dreamweaver CS3 tute that will show me from scratch how to construct a dreamweaver site – rootfile – homepage – tables – css and beyond can you assist?
    with regards
    steven twyford

  3. George Fox says:

    Hi Steven,
    Thanks for your comment. Please check out this series of Captivate simulations by Mark Fletcher. These simulate working in Dreamweaver and require you to follow along as if you were actually working in Dreamweaver.
    Once you have finished those, go through the four-part tutorial series by John Varese, where you will actually build a site. It was written for Dreamweaver 8, but most of it still applies to Dreamweaver CS3. Jon is updating it for CS3, but the update won’t be published until January.
    Creating Your First Website with Dreamweaver CS 3
    Part 1: Setting Up Your Site and Project Files
    Part 2: Creating a Table-Based Page Layout
    Part 3: Adding Content to Pages
    Part 4: Formatting Your Page with CSS
    Once you’ve made it through that tutorial series, check out the other resources on the Dreamweaver Dev Center’s Getting Started page.
    George Fox
    Adobe Developer Connection

  4. chlorophyll says:

    CHEERS :)

  5. nice site, many useful informations! congratulations thx so much

  6. amber shop says:

    Excellent stuff. Nice tutorial :)

  7. fotowoltaika says:

    thanks for this post. it is very nice when we have someone from adobe to talk :)