Talk about Dreamweaver in front of thousands of people

We’re looking for true Adobe enthusiasts, especially Dreamweaver users, to be interviewed on-camera for the production of a video to be shown at the annual Adobe Users Conference in Chicago – Adobe MAX.
We’re looking for all types of people: average users, enthusiastic people, quirky people, people with accents, people that speak different languages, hearing impaired, physically impaired, twins, funky folks. you name it. We want a vast array of people to represent the Adobe user community.
The video is tentatively scheduled to be shot August 24th, 27th and 28th in San Francisco. We would need you for just one of those days. The shoot will be short, 1 to 2 hours maximum.
To submit yourself for consideration to be in this production please email stating:
-Your occupation
-What Adobe products you use
-A recent photo or two of yourself
-Contact information
We hope to see lots of Dreamweaver users on the big screen at MAX!

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  • Damn, I guess that counts me out right? (being the lead developer of CFEclipse!)

  • bucky nutterson says:

    Seriously dude, how can we promote DW when it is so slow for CF development .. have you ever opened a file with a medium sized cfswitch .. why did you take out cntrl f1 local help? … how come it takes so long to update the file list? DW needs some work for apps with over 50 files .. lean it out and quit adding features. please. how do you turn off all that processing behind the scenes when you save a file…it takes forever.

  • Heidi Voltmer says:

    Hi Mark,
    They are actually looking for all kinds of Adobe users so if you are doing ColdFusion development you should email them with your story and contact information.

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