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I’m giving a presentation on Extensibility Options in Dreamweaver CS3 at MAX 2007 in a couple hours, and I’ve got extensibility on the brain. For those of you who are developing extensions but aren’t at MAX, I wanted to ask: What kinds of extensions are you developing? What JSAPI functions (or enhancements to existing functions) do you wish were available? When trying to figure out what your options are, do you mostly search the Configuration folder for examples, read the paper version of the documentation, or search the online version?

Please let me know what you’re up to in the comments, so I can get a broader picture of what’s going on with those of you out there in the real world. Thanks!

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  • Mmmmm… Maybe not enhancements, but some requests:
    better documentation: current docs are a pain in the (you know what): I know people that are trying to start developing extensions and they don’t know what to begin with.
    Updated docs: there are are functions on the API that they no longer work and they are still there.
    Shared Scripts: Any plans to document them too?
    MXI files: Same as above: there’s a pdf file that may help a bit (but not much) after some trial and error steps…
    My opinion is that even some extension options which should be easy for common developers (objects, commands, server behaviors….) are a bit hard to implement due to missing documentation.
    Hi Andres — Thanks for commenting. Can you be more specific about which functions aren’t working for you? -Lori

  • For example, a quick one:
    dreamweaver.openHelpURL() no longer works with DW CS3 since it doesn’t use chm files for help, but you can find it in the docs (maybe just adding that it’s been deprecated for CS3 should be enough).
    If it doesn’t work in CS3, we need to say that (deprecated means that it still works, but that we plan to remove it in a future release). I will file a bug. Let us know if you come across any others by commenting on the Live Docs or on this post, or by filing a bug at Thanks! -Lori

  • Hi Lori,
    Good luck with your presentation. Please post it when you are able to (I assume after all the MAX events are done).
    Preview component similar to the new document dialog preview.
    More/better UI controls available for extension developers:
    numeric steppers
    Files tree control
    More icon choices for the tree control, including ability to specify custom icons
    Point to file
    “real” SQL builder control
    Site creation API: allow creating of site through pure programmatic means. This would allow “training” or “testing” sites to be created on the fly.

  • Betsy Bruce says:

    I enjoyed your presentation, Lori. I liked your geeky jokes. 🙂

  • I check online and in the PDF’s for the official “printed” info. I then peek a lot in the config folders and see what your folks did and I end up finding more gold that way versus reading the released docs.
    I’m doing JS stuff, I have a jQuery API plugin that’s in beta testing right now and I started my Protoype extension this week. (Code hints, etc.)
    I’m planning to do a lot more since this is a fun outlet for me; I have over 20 extensions designed/built that I never released and am more interested in doing so throughout 2008 and beyond.
    Thanks for commenting, Chris! The Configuration folder is indeed a goldmine for ideas and examples of implementation. —LoriHC

  • I’ve finished some work on a new DW extension so here’s my feedback:
    1) Allow adding a description for a menu item

    <menu pattern="MV_Env_Net::" casesensitive="1" doctypes="PHP_MySQL">
    <menuitem label="string|false getIpAddress()" value="getIpAddress();" icon="shared/mm/images/hintMisc.gif">
    <description>Get’s the system’s IP address, returns the first address first if multiple IP’s exist</description>
    <menu classpattern="Spry.Widget.Accordion">
    <method pattern="openNextPanel()">
    <description>Open next panel in Accordion</description>

    2) It would be nice if the label attribute could contain HTML markup

    label=”<b>string</b> getFoo()”

  • Is there any news on SDK for Dreamweaver CS4? Any online documentation maybe?

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