Dreamweaver Stickers from MAX

Dreamweaver stickers
At the MAX conference in Chicago we gave away thousands of square Dreamweaver stickers. If you could not attend MAX but still want some Dreamweaver stickers to put on your laptop, notebook, or other surface, send a self addressed envelop to the following address:
Heidi Voltmer
Mailbox 805
Adobe Systems
601 Townsend Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
We’ll send you a handful of Dreamweaver and Adobe stickers to share with friends or co-workers.
UPDATE: All of the Dreamweaver stickers are gone. When more are available, we will post a new entry with instructions on how to get them.

23 Responses to Dreamweaver Stickers from MAX

  1. Arun Sarma says:

    Hi Heidi,
    How would I get them in India? :(

  2. Heidi Voltmer says:

    Yes, we still have stickers available!

  3. Joe Kromer says:

    Thanks so much for the stickers! My MacBook Pro looks like an Adobe Billboard!!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/joekromer/2195925407/in/set-72157603727383393/

  4. loranger says:

    Sorry to bother but I was wondering if there is a way to buy a bunch of adobe products stickers like these ?
    I did grab a flash and a flex one at max 2007 in barcelona but I was not able to find any other yet… Can you help, please ?

  5. Hey Heidi
    I mailed you an envelope last week for stickers, just wanted to see if you had received it?
    Thanks for your time!

  6. RC says:

    I totally want to get some stickers for the office.. Are they avail for the whole suite? And how many? Lots of macs to go around..
    All the best..

  7. T.M. Harris says:

    I’ve always been into dreamweaver as I’ve used it to build my sites.
    I’d be interested in a sticker, if possible.

  8. I’d love some. Just sent you that self-addressed envelope. Hope you still have some.

  9. Jeremiah says:

    Thanks for the stickers!

  10. cohnsey says:

    Those things are awesome. I will definitely hit you up for some via the snail mail.

  11. Randall says:

    Just curious if you still had any stickers left.

  12. TW says:

    just got the stickers, thanks i love it!!!

  13. Nice stickers. I have nice 3D looking icons like that but how can i get these stickers ?

  14. Jenson says:

    Hi Heidi, are these stickers still on print or available right now to Singapore? Or is there anywhere I can have these designs printed for me to share with friends and family?

  15. We’d love to get these stickers — *seals envelope now*

  16. cyberknowhow says:

    Nice Stickers to show the power of Dreamweaver that present inside you PC

  17. Sandra Uter says:

    Hi. Do you still have stickers left?

  18. Wil G says:

    Aloha Heidi! I was wondering if u still had some DW and Photoshop stickers available? I want to promote Adobe on my new MBP!!! Thanks!

  19. Rowies says:

    hello, do you still have stickers? or who do I have to contact to get stickers in belgium?

  20. Mau says:

    Is there any way to get some of those stickers in Chile?

  21. Is there some way to still get some stickers? I would love to load up my macbook with CS4 stickers for flash, dreamweaver, illustrator and the like.
    Feel free to email me and let me know!

  22. Neil says:

    I am a college student/ aspiring Adobe Software evangelist.
    PLease let me have the satisfaction of having that Adobe swagger.
    tv.adobe.com is like adobe porn to me.
    just recently purchased a mindblowing laptop….would love to get some Adobe love for it :)
    thanks you guys