New Captivate simulations on the Spry framework for Ajax

We’ve published new Captivate simulations by Mark Fletcher on the Spry framework for Ajax. These interactive tutorials simulate the Dreamweaver environment and guide you through how to use the Spry widgets, panels, effects, data sets, and more.
You can find them here.
George Fox
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  • FelipeVR says:

    This is a ghost blog?
    Why did u stop using it?
    What news about source control or subversion support on dreamweaver ?
    Is there a new blog?

  • I know this has nothing to do with dreamweaver but I loved seeing the captivate simulation. I just started using captivate and love to see it’s potential.

  • @Felipe- This isn’t exactly an SVN/version control post, so your question certainly wasn’t going to get answered until I just tripped across it. 😉
    Short answer: Dreamweaver CS4 supports SVN natively, check out the downloadable public beta on and enjoy!

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