The Dreamweaver Manhunt

Dreamweaver recently had its ten year birthday and the newest version is out as a public beta on Adobe Labs. So what’s next for Dreamweaver? A manhunt to find the first person to ever purchase Dreamweaver 1.0! Watch the video below to see who we are looking for and if you know him send an email to People who send in tips to help us find the first Dreamweaver customer will get special Adobe branded gifts.

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  • Loved the short intro to the video, kind of reminded me of CSI.
    And, who exactly is agent Kush, is he one of the ‘Adobe Ones’?

  • Darren Bennett says:

    I know this isn’t the place for thsi but I hab=ve found a bug in dw cs4 the application won’t hide os mac os 10.5.5 is there an offical place I can report bugs?

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