Do you want F1 to take you to Web Help?

When you choose Help > Dreamweaver Help, the Dreamweaver Community Help and Support Page opens by default. Many of you have told us that you’d prefer opening Web Help instead (i.e. the product help system on-line). Now, you can select an option that lets you do just that.
Here’s how to change the default Community Help behavior:
1. Open the main Dreamweaver Web Help page.
2. Select the “Help on the Web” option.
Keep in mind that no matter which option you go with, you can always click a link to jump to the other page.

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  • I am totally pissed of with Adobe since the new “help system”

    which is since CS2 i think. ( I am on CS4 now, november 2012 )

    Anyway as far as flash is concerned I reinstalled on one computer MACROMEDIA Flash 8. These were the versions I liked: clear simple user interface, only 1 type of actionscript, help integrated in the program, so if you press F1 you get context help like it should be.

    Problem with these big software companies is that ther is only one thing that counts: MONEY! So they bring out new versions all the time with no other reason then to make you feel outdated with the old version.

    But most of the work I do in Illustrator or Flash could be done in versions 10 years old. I do not need all the new shit, especially if there is NO MANUAL and NO HELP.

    I just want a neat F1 context sensitive help system!
    grtz Bob

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