Live View and Site-root relative paths

Have you tried using Live View on an HTML page with Site-root relative paths? You’ll need to make a few changes to get thit to work.
For the sake of performance, Dreamweaver CS4 by default loads local files for static HTML pages in Live View. When viewing pages locally, there is no server and no Site, so Site-root relative paths are not resolved. Here’s what you need to do to have these paths resolved:
1. In the Document toolbar, Live View drop down, select “Use Testing Server for Document Source”.
2. Define a Testing Server for your Site
You might have to stop and restart Live Mode for it to take effect.

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  • Trying to get the LiveView to work with my Site-root relative paths. Checked the ‘Use Testing Server for Document Source’ and then tried to setup a Testing Server.
    When I setup the testing server, I was unclear how to do it correctly. At one point it said do you want to upload changes to the Testing Server…I do not want to always upload my changes…since I am prototyping a new home page and I only have one ‘real’ site for my company…I do not have a true testing site. My website is, my new design is at (this is the page that I would like to LiveView).
    Any help would be appreciated.
    All the best,
    John Lueders
    Elm Software

  • Randy Edmunds says:

    Depending on what kind of server you require, you might be able to setup a web server on your local machine and use that for your Testing Server. You may want to create a parallel DW Site definition to make sure that you keep things totally separate.
    The quick and easy solution is to simply make a copy of your page and give it a unique name that doesn’t conflict with any other page name (e.g. index_test.html).

  • I’m confused why a testing server is needed just because there are root relative paths.
    It seems like CS4 should take a guess at where the root relative path locally or server side is and render from there.

  • Randy Edmunds says:

    @Rob, sorry I just now saw your comment. Sure, Live View could figure out the paths without going through a Testing Server, but that functionality simply has not yet been added. This would probably be done by requiring that a Site is defined so the paths can be built using the Site-root info (as opposed to guessing).

  • Janis DiTota says:

    I prepared my site with CS4 and in firefox it looks fine…in IE my photos aren’t centered and there are codes on the site that shouldn’t be seen. How can I fix this?
    The user forum is a good place to ask this question:

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