IECC handling in Dreamweaver

By default, Dreamweaver recognizes Internet Explorer Conditional Comments (IECC) in “downlevel” mode just as any non-IE browser would. One problem caused by this is that files referenced in IECCs are not seen by the DW DOM, so the file paths are not fixed when they are moved, and they are not recognized as dependent files. See for more information regarding IECCs.
In DW8 and above, the IECC support “level” can be changed. I wrote an extension for doing this:
Note that the IECC Support Level affects which markup is seen by the DW DOM, so it affects all related features. So, while it fixes the file path fixing and dependent file problem, it also affects Design View rendering. Live View is not affected.

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  • I am very excited to see support for these in DW and thank you for writing this extension. But I must wonder why this support has been hidden for so long. Why didn’t Macromedia/Adobe expose this feature for people to use back in DW 8, or at least in CS3? I hope that CS5 will at least include this extension (and the Spry Updater) without making users go download them (because most people will never know they need to and therefore can’t benefit).
    Thanks again for the extension and calling attention to it.

  • Randy Edmunds says:

    This is a feature that we played around with but it didn’t make the cut to get in the product. We kept the hidden Registry setting in case anyone was interested in it.
    Your vote for putting this in CS5 has been tallied. Stay tuned to this blog for more tidbits!

  • Thanks. It would also be great to have a way to insert them without having to code.
    You may want to update the Download page to mention CS4 support. It currently says DW 8 and CS3.
    I am going to be teaching a class that includes IECC in DW. Do you mind if I include this extension on the Class Files CD I give to students? No matter what, I will be telling them where to find it on the web, of course. I made a nice tinyurl I can remember for the download:

  • Randy Edmunds says:

    Yes, you’re welcome to put a copy of that extension on your class files CD.
    Paul Davis at CommunityMX wrote a commercial extension for inserting IECCs:

  • Hi,
    I was wondering if this is related.
    I have inserted an SWF file into a DW Cs4 template created file but it will not play. The same file in an empty file works fine ( swfobject file is there. I just cannot fathom it.
    Content on this page requires a newer version of Adobe Flash Player.

    John Blaney
    I suspect that one of your file paths is incorrect. If not, then ask this question on the user forum:

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