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Hi All,
Continuing my series on new features in CS4, today I will discuss the new Spry Widgets.
We introduced Spry Widgets in CS3 and rounded out the feature set in CS4
For those following along at home, these can be found in Insert > Spry.
We wanted to finish up the form validation widgets that we started in CS3. So for this version we added:
-Spry Validation Password
-Spry Validation Confirm
-Spry Validation Radio Group
We now provide form validation for all the main input types.
The Password widget works in conjunction with a password text field.
This widget if for users that are creating a new password and you want to ensure that it is following the strength rules.
You can use the widget to specify:
-Min and Max characters
-Min and Max numbers or letters
-Min and Max special characters
-Min and Max upper case letters.
The Password Confirm widget is used in the scenario where you have the user enter the password twice to confirm the first one.
Simply bind the Confirm widget to another text entry field and it will validate that they are equal.
The Radio Group rounds out the form widgets by allowing users to validation a radio group. The widget determines if the field is required and can check for empty and/or invalid values.
The last Spry widget we added is the Spry Tooltip. This allows users to add a tooltip to any element on the page.
We add a hook to the ‘trigger’ and then provide a DIV in which developers can add any content they want to act as a tooltip. The dev can then specify where and when the tooltip shows and can edit the default style sheet to tweak the appearance.
The one hidden thing about this feature is a menu item to hide and show the tooltips. Since they show by default for editing, it will get in the way of the basic design.
You can go to View > Show Spry Tooltips to show and hide all the tooltips.
Hope you find these new features helpful.
Thanks for reading,

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  • we need php/js class/object browser in DW!

  • Is there a way to turn off the error messages on open for the spry Javascript commands when you’ve moved the code it refers to off into an include? Also, in the future, would it be possible to make Dreamweaver look at the includes before it assembles the page for the visual display. It seems like you are most of the way there by showing all the associated files when you open the document. Great release by the way, I’m really loving it.

  • Where oh where is spry 1.7 and 1.8, I’ve been waiting over a year for the tree control, a calendar control and drag controls, please at least give us some form of update regularly there’s been nothing on the official Spry blog this year! 🙁
    I LOVE SPRY, but the lack of updates makes me feel it is a one way love affair…

  • Jp Cooper says:

    I have to agree with MARCEL above – The last mention about anything SPRY was Dec 2008 — 2 months after CS4 came out. The reasoning at the time mentioned having to spend time focusing on the CS4 release – but no update to the Blog [least of all the framework] letting us know anything.
    I really love the Dreamweaver integration – it makes thing very easy. But it’s beginning to get to the point that I’m thinking of jumping ship as your development is falling behind like Microsoft updating IE6.
    I mean the newer implementations available from other frameworks are managing to keep up with any advancements in user experience and if I wish to use the SPRY Framework to take advantage of them – I find myself having to hand code much of it. This defeats the purpose of having the integration in the first place. Also – why hand code something in a stagnant framework – wehn I can switch to JQuery or Prototype and accomplish the same thing?
    Granted there is little or no App integration for ease of use – but at least I’m not having to reinvent the wheel.
    But some regular – at least more frequent than current timeframes – updates would be greatly appreciated.

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