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Adobe TV has many videos for learning about Dreamweaver. Start with the following link:
Use the settings on the right to narrow down the list for your interests according to Release (CS3, CS4, Other), Skill Level (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced), and Topics (Tutorials, Demos, Tips and Tricks, and Inspiration).
Also, use the dropdown list at the top to sort the videos By Date, Alphabetically, Highest Rated, or Most Popular to help sift through the list.

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  • Thanks for the reminder link Randy, I need to make some time to view a few of those videos.
    Side not: Is it me, or does the filtering on the Adobe TV site leave a lot to be desired. I get to the 10th video at the link posted before it’s something that seems to be specifically Dreamweaver related. The other filtering options don’t seem to filter out things that it seems it should. For example, a “what’s new” video doesnt’ seem to be an advanced topic, but 2 of the first four are feature related items, not to mention the what’s new in Fireworks in a Dreamweaver (advanced topic) filtered list. Anyway, enough venting.

  • Randy Edmunds says:

    Danilo, I, personally, agree. My suspicion is that the problem is due to over-zealous tagging (as opposed to incorrect filtering) of content, but that’s just a guess.

  • Jon Varese says:

    I’ve heard rumblings that they are in the midst of redesigning the entire nav scheme for Adobe TV. People just aren’t finding the stuff they need.

  • Jon Varese says:

    Also, there’s a handy list of all the Dreamweaver CS4 Getting Started videos on the Dreamweaver Developer Center.
    You have to scroll down to the bottom of the page for the complete list. It’s under “Learn Dreamweaver CS4 with Video Tutorials.”

  • I can confirm that we’re in the process re-designing / re-architecting the Adobe TV website to address the navigation and other usability issues.
    Bob Donlon
    General Manager, Adobe TV

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