CS4 Code Printing Improvements

Starting with Dreamweaver CS4, code now prints with Syntax Coloring.
The exception to this is that background colors are not printed. Code printing recognizes the “Syntax Coloring” Code View setting in the:
  View > Code View Options
menu for turning off coloring.
The “Line Numbers” setting is also recognized when printing.

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  • Sorry to post my comment here but there seems to be no post anywhere else to express disappointment with Adobe for what they have done with Homesite and the message does link to this blog.
    Why have Adobe killed off HomeSite? (http://www.adobe.com/products/homesite/)
    Dreamweaver is NOT the alternative solution, Homesite is lightweight and quick whereas Dreamweaver is overbloated resource hogging and 95% of the stuff it has is not needed.
    What are they going to do with the Homesite code – just bin it, can it be released as open source? Can someone else take on the code to update it – surely there is a strong market for this tool still…. the only reason sales have probably dropped off for it is because it has been a long long time since it was bought from Macromedia and nothing done to it.
    Please let Homesite live on and be improved…

  • Having the line numbers print is very useful!

  • I’ve just tried to print a code view and Dreamweaver continues to give me a different printer than the one I specify in Page Setup. What’s going on with that? Something I’m missing here?

  • How do I “print a copy of my code” in DreamWeaver
    From the menus: File > Print Code…
    The user forums are a much better place to ask questions:

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