Dreamweaver CS5 Help now available

Now that Adobe has announced CS5, you can use Dreamweaver CS5 Help without passwords. We encourage you to try out the help and report any problems with the content or with the new help client. If you’re already using Dreamweaver CS5, you can get started, by selecting Help > Dreamweaver Help.
If you’re prompted to install the AIR app update, please do. You’ll also be prompted to download the help content locally. You don’t need to download it if you’re normally connected to the Internet — the help client displays the online content by default. If you decide to download the content locally, please allow a few minutes for the files to download, unpack, and install.
It’ll take a week or two for the online content to be fully indexed by Google so search will take a while to come into its own.
CS5 introduces a new AIR-based help client called the Community Help Client, or CHC. Some of the benefits of the CHC:

  • Breaks down content silos by letting users search and browse Adobe help content and Adobe-vetted community content in one place
  • Provides users with the definitive Adobe help reference
  • Provides users with a full offline help option
  • Supports continuous updating of content, from a variety of sources
  • Supports continuous updating of the help client app, allowing for iterative development like other Adobe services

If you have feedback on the help content or the help client as you work with Dreamweaver, please post a comment here and we’ll be sure that it gets sent to the CHC team.
For a list of new features in Dreamweaver CS5, see the What’s New page. Some highlights include new CSS layouts, a new simplified site setup, and integration with Adobe BrowserLab.

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  • Why is Dreamweaver still the only (as far as I know) CS app without an “Application Frame” view on Mac OS? This is unbelievably frustrating, when your target customers are designers concerned with visual consistency. It can’t be turned off in Flash, and it can’t be turned on in Dreamweaver.

    • I absolutely agree!

      DWCS5.5 on my 27″ iMac still cannot be resized and hogs the entire screen. Very unproductive. Now with OS X Lion, I would highly encourage Adobe to rethink this and include the option of applying an Application Frame to Dreamweaver.

      I have wanted this for years and have made MANY suggestions to Adobe at every opportunity… but never got a response or even a sideways glance. Sigh!

  • I totally agree with Geoff with the application frame in Dreamweaver CS5. Visual consistancy is key to us designers. I was very disappointed to see that it is THE ONLY CS5 product that can’t be contained in an application frame. Adobe PLEASE get it together and come out with an update that allows users to use an application frame in DW. This would be greatly appriciated.

  • Geoff, Austin,
    Thanks for the feedback. I remember the days we switched DW Win to have an app container (mind you DW3 and earlier had floating documents instead of tabbed MDI interface) which was controversial, even though most/all win apps used MDI interfaces!. We had a way to restore it back for compatibility, but took out the next release as this was a nightmare to support. We left the Mac alone as it wasn’t clear our Mac users wanted that as well (they didn’t). Fast forward to now, and a lot of Mac users are now wanting tabbed interfaces (blame it on the browsers 🙂 which doesn’t surprise me at all (my personal preference). The current technology we’re now using should make this easier to support now, so this is good feedback to hear for the next release.
    No easy patch, and no promise, as it’s a rather large re-architecture.
    — Alain (DW dev)

  • I would love to see some help about how the API has changed in CS5, especially for source control integration!

  • RJ Riesterer says:

    I also was VERY disappointed that the MAC flavor of Dreamweaver CS5 does not offer an application frame as an option. Not having this feature is frustrating for us iMAC 27″ users who’d love to be able to resize the app and its panels as a unit – like its Windows cousin (evil twin?).
    I asked for this feature a good number of times on Adobe’s CS5 wish list but was obviously ignored. Any chance of this being included in an upcoming app update?

  • Yepp, I’ll second that. I want the application frame for DW om mac… 🙁

  • I second Geoff and Austin here, the application frame is like required for dreamweaver, it would be such a nice thing to have in the next version

  • I’ve switched to Coda because the lack of an application frame makes CS5 mac all but impossible to use.

  • Adobe have a silly and annoying policy with help stuff.
    Put the Adobe AIR in the trash and return to an easy way to access HELP!!!!!!
    Since CS4 I don’t use the help anymore because is A PAIN to search something…
    Very UPSET and DISAPPOINTED with ADOBE HELP’s silly ideas.

  • +1 for the ‘application frame’ feature. I was really disappointed that it wasn’t in Dreamweaver CS4 and was really expecting it to have been sorted by CS5, but alas we’re still waiting.

  • For some reason i open dreamweaver and nothing happens, this is on windows vista, can someone help me please? (A)

  • I wanted to add some comments regarding the the application frame or rather, the lack thereof in Dreamweaver CS4 and beyond (on Mac). Not only is it inconsistent with the suite and doesn’t allow resizing panels, there are a few other problems that I’ve come across.

    Firstly – If like me you have your Dreamweaver docked on a its own ‘space’ (virtual desktop on Mac), when you switch to its particular space, Dreamweaver doesn’t show. This is contrary to the norm. I can switch to any space and see all the applications there, yet when I switch to my space where Dreamweaver is located, it appears hidden and has to be invoked via the dock or application switcher. This defeats the purpose of the Spaces feature in OS X.

    Secondly – Another problem related to Spaces. When using the application switcher (Mac’s alt+tab) to reach any app, it will take you to the particular space to which it is allocated. When you switch to Dreamweaver however, like an unwanted guest, it sits right on top of your other apps in the space you’re currently in. Again, this defeats the purpose of allocating a space for Dreamweaver, as it barges its way in to a space it doesn’t belong.

    Thirdly – A problem related to Exposé. When using the ‘All Windows’ feature of Exposé to view all your open programs, Dreamweaver doesn’t show up!? You’re basically forced to invoke it from the Dock or Application Switcher, as with the above two problems.

    Having said this, I tested to see if Dreamweaver’s app frame alone is the cause of all this and it seems to be the case – If you hide the frame on Photoshop, it will behave in the same fashion. Also, this seems to be an Adobe specific problem. I run virtual machines using Oracle’s VirtualBox under seamless mode, which basically means that the vm’s have no desktops or frames – it all integrates with my OS X desktop. Yet I haven’t experienced a single one of the aforementioned issues with such software.

    I might be wrong in some of what I’ve concluded, but I’m sure there are many out there who’ve experienced all this and perhaps more. Given the issues I’ve listed, this seems to be a clear problem and not just a simple design decision to take lightly.

    So… Will we be seeing a fix to this soon? Multi-tasking was never frustrating for me until this started to happen.

    P.S. Sorry for the length of this! The third problem cropped up while writing.

  • Mike Powell says:

    I installed CS5 Suite on a Vista 32bit PC and Dreamweaver is the only program that won’t start. The splash screen starts and quits but no program.

  • Hi Alain,

    Thanks for responding to this matter. It’s understandable that it may not be an easy patch, but what would be interesting to know is why this was not addressed for the CS5 release?

    Adobe has been touting a tight integration between programs for 3 releases now, and the application frame feature should be a common item across all apps.

  • I haven’t used Dreamweaver as a production tool for a long time. I have been using code editors like Espresso and TextMate and so on.

    But I thought, since we just got the CS5 suite, that I’d fire it up and see how far it’s come along.

    I looked and looked for the way to switch on the Application Frame, just like in every other CS5 program I use, and couldn’t find it. A quick web search brought me here, where I discover it doesn’t exist.

    A shame really, as I am now quitting the program and probably won’t reopen it ever again, since it’s useless to me without the Application Frame. Bummer.

  • The lack of application frame in DreamWeaver cs5 for Mac is inexcusable. In today’s era of ovesize monitors,being unable to confine the program to a floating window is a constant annoyance and a loss of productivity. The PC version works fine. Why can’t this be fixed???

  • Where is the Dreamweaver application frame for the Mac? I just got my new imac. This needs to be fixed. I can’t work like this. I’m so glad I made the switch over. Well you got me again Adobe! I just upgraded from cs4 to cs5 on Windows, crossed over software to the Mac. Lost Sound Booth” that I used a lot” and paid for! Creative Suite 4 cs5 does not come with Sound Booth any more. They want me to pay another $200. I guess they don’t understand that I paid for it all ready. Maybe I should take the apple back and stay with Windows. Where things seen to be working just fine. I don’t get it!
    Adobe, Please make it right! What’s going on down there?
    You let me down…… Big Time.

  • I would give DW a try if there was an Application Frame, without it I can’t work on a large monitor!

  • +1 for an application frame
    +1 for being able to choose whether the files browser hides on program switch (right now, the behavior is annoying)
    +1 to STOP the files browser from appearing when it isn’t wanted (eg, it always want to come to the front)
    +1 to include help files with installer, and option ability to update if desired

    It seems odd to exclude an Application frame as an option. Once I started to use the Application frame option, I realized how powerful it was as a way to contain all the floating pallets.

    Also, I find it annoying that the icons across all applications fail to have the exact same style. I’m not referring to icons, but style of implementation. That is, Illustrator’s “Tools” icons are framed in, and Photoshop’s more closely resemble the standard collapsed pallet icon view. However, even on rollover, neither match the collapsed pallet icon view rollover.

  • Application Frame for dreamweaver cs5 mac PLEASE!!! please please please. I can never use dreamweaver on a 2ndary monitor because of this.

  • Chou-Brux says:

    I know how to automatically upload files to my server on save or not, but I want dreamweaver to ask me everytime I save my file if I want to upload it or not. That was really easy in Cs3, but now that I have Cs5, I don’t figure it out.

  • I can’t even work with DW on my mac just because of the lack of Application Frame feature in the application… all other applications are just fine, but why not DW??? It’s been almost one year now, and I’m still waiting for it.

  • Problem/Solution:

    Problem: VERY slow performance on Mac, using Dreamweaver CS5 on Parallels, Windows 7 64-bit.

    • Connecting to the web server site using Dreamweaver’s FTP connection.
    • The connection seems to work fine for browsing the files on the site.
    • When “putting” files, it takes more than a minute to upload, and I keep getting “Operation timed out. Cancelling…” messages in the Dreamweaver file activity log.

    • Turn on the prompts for dependent files in Preferences. Edit>Preferences>Site – Check the boxes next to “Prompt on get/check out” and “Prompt on get/check in”.

  • I agree with many of the comments here, it is ridiculous for DW to not have the application frame. Without it, it becomes difficult to go back and forth between applications like Fireworks to create the graphics and the browsers (i.e. Chrome) to test our code. Given the chance to vote on new features, this would be hands down would be on top of my list.

  • I’m trying very hard to understand DW cs5. I can do all the mechanics with which all
    the tutors occupy their time in teaching. In fact I have my, log/header my nav bar. my divs ,
    external css folder my text and copy which I can at any time insert into my divs, But I cannot make sense of the Local Root Folder.
    Why don’t the tutors allow the learner to view their perfect web ready Local Root Folders?

    A ceert for persons like me and many more successful students.

  • The only way that I have managed the lack of application frame – which works to a certain degree – is to change your desktop image to a solid, image free pale gray colour – and only keep minimal folders/items on the right hand side, under where the DW menus will appear. Boring desktop – but just have your folders within “documents”. Then at least, when working in DW, you can minimize your other programmes, and you have a completely blank bg for DW. It helps a bit. But I too would much prefer to have the App Frame, can’t understand why they can’t do that, when everybody wants it.

  • Doug Case says:

    I just purchased OSX CS 5.5 and as far as I can tell Dreamweaver still does not have the option to run within an application frame. So when I am working in Dreamweaver the only option I have is for my entire 27″ iMac screen to be taken over by this one application. This seems like such a basic usability feature . . . obviously Adobe recognizes it as important since it’s an option in all the other CS5 applications.

    The only solution I have is to have is to buy a second display . . . can I send you the bill Adobe?

    Can Adobe tell us what the plan is, if any, to address this issue?

  • + 1 for the Application Frame in CS5 DW. Anyone using a large (like the 27″ imac) will quickly understand the need for this when using multiple programs with DW.

  • I am having a huge problem with CS5 as it is not uploading with the server when I sync it!!!! Please help me please, this is our place of business. Thanks

  • I can’t believe you haven’t heard and responded to your customer complaints on the application frame. Good lord get with the program and at least try and act like you care what your customer thinks


  • The application frame has been a popular request since the release of CS4. Could an Adobe rep at least comment why this request has not been addressed?

  • Our department just switched over to Macs … and now finding that I am stuck without having Dreamweaver in an application frame is extremely upsetting … I’ve been a loyal Adobe user for almost a decade and now the main product I use daily is ruined … Please address this issue

    Thank you

  • I couldn’t handle the lack of the application frame on my iMac 27 so I got Parallels 7 for Windows 7 and switched to Dreamweaver for Windows. Works like it should.

  • Does Dreamweaver CS6 finally have an application frame?


  • david fuchs says:

    This is the second time that I have lost my “insertion bar”? The bar that contains: the preview buttons, the layout code, split view, ,design view,preview in browser etc.

    How do I retrieve it?

    Please post this question on the Adobe Dreamweaver Users Forum:

  • YES – dreamweaver CS6 finally has application frame!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • on DW cs5,
    how do u insert text boxes but with colour backgrounds in the text boxes?
    Please try and reply ASAp…it sholdnt take too much time…
    thank you and sry 4 any truble

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