Looking for Old Features that have been removed from Dreamweaver?

The Dreamweaver product sometimes removes old features that are no longer used enough to justify their maintenance cost. If the feature can be still be provided as an Extension, the the DW Team tries to provide that code on an “as is” (i.e. unsupported) basis.
Start by looking in this folder to find some old Server Models:


Also, check the Dreamweaver Exchange:
Then search for the Feature name. For example, you can find the old table-based Starter Pages here:
Are there any other old features that you’d like to be able to install as an extension?

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  • ADDT please!
    Yes, we are aware of the interest to bring back ADDT. Unfortunately, it’s complicated (both technically and otherwise).
    at least create an extension for Server-Side includes (old MX Includes)… without it, dreamweaver not have more powerfull respect to other wysiwyg editor (coda)
    I am not aware of what SSI support that ADDT had, but you can add SSI RegExp patterns to Dreamweaver via the Extensibility layer as described here:

    … Conditional Region and Form Validation (Check unique key, check detail records, etc.) is the second request

  • David McGuigan says:

    This is something I’ve been wanting for YEARS but cannot figure out how to do it. I’m on Windows if there is some kind of hack you or patch you can give me. I’d seriously pay for it.
    Dreamweaver’s code view font options limit me to size 8pt and 9pt. The problem is the exact combination of Courier New that is ideal for coding is somewhere between those two numbers. If you boot up any Eclipse editor and change the font to Courier New and “size 8”, that is the exact perfect font, which isn’t available in DW because of the locked down options.
    I’ve scoured the configuration files and installs and cannot find anything to let me modify those presets. The closest I could find is an encrypted .dat file that gets rewritten every time you exit DW.
    Please please please help.
    Dreamweaver’s biggest fan.
    This is not related to an “old” feature, but unfortunately, DW code view font sizes are limited whole number sizes. Sorry.

  • I would like the return back of ADDT extension or a new php framework with the same (and more) function or use an existing framework (codeignitor, drupal, etc.) with server behaviour included in dreamweaver (the webdesigner not have the time to learn php commands)
    CS5 adds support for drupal and other PHP CMS’s

  • but CS5 have server behaviour that allow to speed work with CMS drupal?
    Sorry, my previous response was brief because it was off the topic of “old features”. CS5 drupal support is to allow you to easily edit Themes in DW. There is no support for server behaviors. You can see the new support here:

  • I think that without ADDT, DWCS5 have lost a “must have” tool.
    But that’s just my two cents.

  • I will not be asking my employers to pay for CS5, without ADDT DW is incomplete as far as I’m concerned. I really don’t understand why Adobe bought out Interakt just to dump their innovative products.
    I know of a couple of other small developers who will also not be upgrading. Seems to me Adobe is more intersted in bickering with Apple to listen to real users of their products these days.
    Please read this post about how and where to make Feature Requests.

  • WebAssist will release a new extension to replace ADDT:

  • Whilst Webassist have a slick website their extensions are a bit of a joke.
    In most cases they are a collection of freely available scripts clumped together in a way that they nearly work. You are then expected to finish things off by hand coding. The incompatibility between their own extensions is laughable.
    They had $99 dollars off me and a coule of monthly payments before I gave up on their stuff and went back to ADDT (which has well documented fixes for PHP 5.3).
    I wouldn’t have a problem with Webassist if you could demo their products as you could with ADDT); as it is you pay them, realise it’s not what you expect and then walk away leaving cash in Webassists pocket. As you can tell I’m not happy with their products and really unhappy about their business model.
    Just a heads up to those in same boat as me.

  • Please bring back ADDT, or open source it, or do something other than just sitting on it ! CS5/CS5.5 has lost great value becasue we can’t use ADDT.

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