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David Powers – new PHP code hinting video

Adobe and Dreamweaver Community Expert David Powers takes us through some of the great new PHP code-hinting features in Dreamweaver CS5. When it comes to Dreamweaver and PHP, there is no better person to consult!
You can watch the video here.

Adobe announces the HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver CS5

This morning Adobe announced the new HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver CS5. The HTML5 pack is an extension that adds support for HTML5 and CSS3 in Dreamweaver. If you’ve been watching the technology news at all lately, then you’ll know that this sort of improvement marks a great advance for any Dreamweaver user working in this fast-changing world of smart phones and other handheld devices.
The HTML5 pack introduces great things like multiscreen preview (which lets you see what your web page will look like on phones, tablets, and desktop computers simultaneously), HTML5 and CSS3 code hinting, and even a few HTML5-compliant starter layouts to get you up and running with HTML5 layouts quickly.
There is an article by yours truly that provides an overview of the whole pack on the Dreamweaver Developer Center, and there’s a great video by the Dreamweaver team’s own Jorge Taylor that takes you through the steps of working with the HTML5 pack in Dreamweaver.
The HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver is available today on Adobe Labs.

Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Pack is now available for download

For more information, see Adobe Labs:

Shortcut when Creating a New Document

Here’s cool trick that should help save you some time in Dreamweaver:

  1. In the Files Panel, use: right-click > New File to create a new document
  2. By default, you’ll get an HTML file named something like "untitled.html", and you’ll automatically be in Rename file mode.
  3. Change the file extension so it’s "untitled.css", and hit Enter to accept the new file name.
  4. Open the file and you’ll see that DW changed the contents so it’s the default CSS (not HTML) file!

So there’s no need to use the New Document dialog when you want to create a new document other than the default.

Note that this only works from the initial Rename mode. Also, this is not new for CS5, but I just re-remembered it today, so I thought I’d share.

Great Dreamweaver resources now available from Brian Wood

Dreamweaver friend and expert Brian Wood has started making some of his superior-quality content free to Dreamweaver (and other Adobe product) users. Brian is a master of HTML, CSS, and Dreamweaver, and anyone trying to get up to speed on any of these technologies should consult his materials. You can find his free Dreamweaver offerings at his webiste,
Brian’s materials are also a major part of Adobe Community Help. If you search for “askbrianwood” in the new Community Help client, you’ll see the resources pop up there as well.

Problems with the new Community Help Client?

A number of problems have come up for pre-release users trying to access the new Community Help Client.
If you get an installation error when you first launch the Adobe Help application in CS5 and elect to install the CHC update, see the following tech note:
If you have any other problems with the help client after ship, do a clean install of the Adobe Help application as described in the tech note above. Old pre-release versions of Adobe Help may have left files behind that could cause problems for the latest version of the app.