David Powers – new PHP code hinting video

Adobe and Dreamweaver Community Expert David Powers takes us through some of the great new PHP code-hinting features in Dreamweaver CS5. When it comes to Dreamweaver and PHP, there is no better person to consult!
You can watch the video here.

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  • Love the new PHP features. Site specific code hinting is awesome.
    Any plans to add similar functionality for ColdFusion? Is something like that something I could author as a Dreamweaver plugin? I’ve dabbled very lightly with the Extending DW docs but didn’t grasp it well enough to tell if you’re able to integrate extensions with the code hinting mechanism in any dynamic way ( though I saw that you can register custom tags and etc. by creating files within the tags libraries ).
    I think ColdFusion Builder is neat, but I don’t think anything can compete with Dreamweaver for full circle ColdFusion web app development. I definitely cried a single tear when the team decided to write CFBuilder on top of Eclipse instead of just extending Dreamweaver.

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