This Week in Dreamweaver Extensibility

The Dreamweaver team is happy to announce the release of 3 extensions this week!
We got feedback on a number of issues that we could solve via extensions, so we packaged them up.
First is the HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver CS3 and CS4. We released a version for CS5 only and we heard from users that they wanted it too. This extension contains the code hinting for:

  • New HTML5 tags
  • New attributes and values for existing tags.
  • Many CSS3 features.
  • Some -moz and -webkit CSS properties.

Multi-screen Preview, Media Queries and Starter Layouts were not included since they were not fully backwards compatible.
So hopefully this will help DW users get into all the new HTML5 goodies.
Second, some CS5 users were sad to see the Validator feature go away. We got a lot of requests for this feature, so we packaged up the files to reinstate it.
After installing, you will get the old File > Validate > Markup back in the menu and the Results panel.
Fair warning: We removed it because it wasn’t totally accurate, so check with the W3C before you go live. People like this feature to find bugs in product, before they get to W3C.
And lastly, DW CS4 users that are trying out the Widget Browser, and specifically the new Spry UI widgets are getting a warning about missing widget code. DW CS4 isn’t recognizing these new widgets as Spry widgets. So we made an extension with a new translator that recognizes the new widgets and suppresses the warning.
So we hope that these new extensions will solve some issues for users. Let us know if you have other things you would like to see. We read every e-mail that comes through the wish list and it is how we saw these issues come up, so let us know!
Donald Booth
Dreamweaver Quality Engineering

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  • Trying to find the best reference(s) on how to extend Dreamweaver CS5. Couldn’t find any live docs for DWCS5 and Dreamweaver Help from within the app itself launches an AIR community help app but when I go to DW within it it only has an “Extending Dreamweaver CS4” link. Where should I go to learn how to write extensions and modify code hinting? Thanks!

  • Judd Gledhill says:

    Hello, I had much the same question. I am looking to add a window to DW CS5 that would let me integrate with some REST APIs for putting in a list of tasks from our QC tool. I have the APIs, now I just want to put them into DW. No code insertion, no modifying the files that the user is working on at all.

    Any ideas where I can go to get that information?

  • Tried to install the Validator with DW CS5.5 and it does install, Also I can see the menu under “File”-“Validate”-Markup” but when I click it or Shift-F6, nothing happen…
    I tried to make some basic error in my html code but they dont come up…. all your help is really apprerciated…. I know w3c would be better be we work / develop in an environment without internet connectivity for security purpose…. so that validator (from CS3) is really needed :):)

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