Dreamweaver CS5 11.0.2 Updater released

Yesterday, Adobe released the Dreamweaver CS5 11.0.2 Updater. The updater fixes a few critical bugs that were discovered after the shipping of CS5, including application launch failure on some Macintosh machines, and crashing when choosing to undo operations with Live View turned on. In addition, the updater includes the Browser Lab/Dreamweaver integration work for CMS support that went into 11.0.1.

Some Macintosh users have reported site definition usernames and passwords disappearing after updating. You can resolve this issue by restarting your computer.

Other users have reported losing their site definitions after installing the update, so be sure to export your site definitions before running the updater. (Site > Manage Sites > select a site/sites, click Export, and save the definitions to a location on your hard drive.)

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  • Update 11.0.2 will not install. It reports another instance of updater running so I killed every Adobe process running. OS is VISTA Utimate 64. No change, installation still hangs with message that another instance is running. Any ideas?

  • I get the same error when trying to install the DW CS5 11.0.2 patch. When using the –mode=Silent argument it does nothing and when using -mode=Silent (1 dash) it comes up with the “Installer already in use…” error even though no other installers are running.

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  • Franz ameno says:

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  • Franz ameno says:

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