CS5 Updates to Style Rendering Toolbar

In Dreamweaver CS5, the Design View Style Rendering Toolbar was given a couple new features.

Note that the Style Rendering Toolbar is not displayed by default, so you may need to turn it on using the View > Toolbars menu.

Text Size

These are buttons to quickly adjust the font size on the page. This is a temporary adjustment to emulate font zooming as done in browsers so you can quickly see how this may affect the layout of your page.

Increase, reset, and decrease text size buttons

  • Increase Text Size (by 15%)
  • Reset Text Size to original size
  • Decrease Text Size (by 15%)

Pseudo-class Rendering

These radio buttons are used to temporarily change the filtering of CSS pseudo-class styles in your page. By default, browsers display the :link styles and hide all of the other pseudo-class styles until a certain action takes place. This is a temporary change in the way styles are cascaded so you can quickly see how the other pseudo class styles are rendered in your page.

Pseudo class buttons

  • :l – :link
  • :v – :visited
  • :h – :hover
  • :a – :active
  • :f – :focus

Notice that it’s not possible to hover over more than 1 link at a time, so this feature can cause your page to render in a state that can never be seen in a browser. This is just for doing a quick, temporary check of how styles are rendered, not to represent valid link states in your page.

All of the Style Rendering Toolbar functionality is also available through the View > Style Rendering menu.

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  • David McGuigan says:

    Dreamweaver on OS X hides all of the panels except the code document whenever the application isn’t in focus and creates a strobing effect as well as gaps in what you’d expect to see. Are there any plans to update it to not do that? If not, can you guys talk about it? It looks like it’s every CS app ( just tested Fireworks ). This is really really counter productive in addition to visually confusing because you’re unable to use information in the other panels ( like the file tree in Dreamweaver or the page document names in Fireworks ). So you have to do 20x more back and forth and multitasking becomes pretty much crippled. Love DW, thanks guys.

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