Adobe announces Creative Suite 5.5/Dreamweaver CS5.5

Today Adobe announced the release of the latest and greatest version of the Creative Suite family: Adobe Creative Suite 5.5. As part of Creative Suite 5.5 Web Premium, Dreamweaver CS5.5 certainly stands out as one of the many jewels in this crown. The focus for this release is decidedly on mobile devices, and streamlining your HTML5/CSS3 workflow in this as yet Wild West-like land of opportunity. True to its history and the spirit of collaborative development, the Dreamweaver team has listened to its user base once again, and has delivered a show-stopping tool that now lets you easily develop and package web apps for mobile devices.

“One of the neatest things in Dreamweaver CS5.5,” says Randy Edmunds, Senior Computer Scientist at Adobe, “is the new Media Queries dialog box, which lets you specify CSS style sheets for different devices, so that your web page can look the way you want it to look on any screen. The feature eliminates something we see a lot of—the chances for typos and errors—and is going to remove a great deal of headache for people who want to target multiple screens.”

In addition to CSS Media Queries, Dreamweaver CS5.5 also supports multiscreen preview (where you can literally see in one window exactly what your page will look like on different devices), CSS3 and HTML5 code-hinting, and jQuery mobile integration, which includes drag-and-drop jQuery mobile application widgets, as well as jQuery mobile starter pages to get you up and running in seconds. “This release means rapid development for mobile apps,” Edmunds says. “And that’s good, since everything is about rapid these days.”

One of the most enticing features of Dreamweaver CS5.5, however, is the new Native Mobile Application packager, which lets you build and emulate native mobile applications for Android- and iOS-based devices. Dreamweaver CS5.5 now uses seemless integration with PhoneGap—an open-source development framework for building cross-platform mobile applications—and together the two bring a new level of ease to building apps for mobile devices.

“We wanted to remove all of the pain and confusion from the process of building mobile applications,” says Jung Yun Choi, Software Quality Engineer on the Dreamweaver team. “Our goal was to make it so easy that even someone who doesn’t know anything about mobile apps could step through the process and build one within minutes.”

And the Dreamweaver team has done just that. Building a mobile application for iOS- and Android- based devices is now as simple as installing the iOS or Android SDKs, specifying a few configuration settings, and selecting “Build and Emulate” from a list of menu choices.

To learn more about all of the new and exciting features in Dreamweaver CS5.5, check out Dreamweaver Product Manager Scott Fegette’s What’s New in Dreamweaver CS5.5, and the Dreamweaver CS5.5 feature overview on Adobe TV.

You can also read more about individual features in the What’s New section of the Dreamweaver Help system.

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  • Julia Garcia says:

    hi I work for finances secretary in Toluca, Mexico

    the secretary bought the Agobe creative SUite 5.5, which i used very satisfactory

    this week i got a macintosh, and we have the serial number for mac, but we have not the cds, how can i install without the mac cd´s
    thnaks a lot
    Julia Garcia

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