Exciting news about Adobe BrowserLab!

Today we’ve asked Bruce Bowman, product manager for Adobe BrowserLab, to guest blog for us with some exciting news about this incredible product. Take it away Bruce!

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I’m Bruce Bowman, product manager for BrowserLab (http://browserlab.adobe.com) and I’d like to tell you about how the BrowserLab team has made some recent improvements to the BrowserLab workflows in Dreamweaver. You can get the new BrowserLab panel for Dreamweaver by downloading the new Dreamweaver 11.0.4 updater using Adobe Application Manager (available beginning May 3), or by upgrading to Dreamweaver CS 5.5.

We’ve added some new features to BrowserLab to improve workflows for Dreamweaver users: 

  • Follow local links. When testing in BrowserLab, you can now click on links in the screenshots to follow links. If the page is from your local Dreamweaver site, we will tunnel back to Dreamweaver, and Dreamweaver will send the new page and assets to the BrowserLab service. It has never been easier to test your local content in BrowserLab.
  • URL History. Now, while you’re testing in BrowserLab, we keep track of your recent tests, and allow you to reload the results very quickly from cached results. If necessary, BrowserLab can re-request the page from Dreamweaver when you are testing local content.
  • We’ve improved the reliability of the pairing connection between the BrowserLab panel in Dreamweaver and the BrowserLab service. You should experience far fewer drops and lost connections.
  • We’ve simplified the Permission settings in the BrowserLab panel in Dreamweaver when your test request requires access to local content. Rather than the previous permission setting that was file based, we’re now setting permissions on a global basis.
  • We’ve expanded our language support to include Spanish and Italian in the BrowserLab client. 

Watch this short video of BrowserLab in action in Dreamweaver CS 5.5: http://adobe.ly/lhKALX

If you haven’t tried BrowserLab (http://browserlab.adobe.com), or haven’t tried it lately, I invite you to take it for a spin. You can find it in Dreamweaver using the Preview in Browser “globe” icon, by choosing File > Preview in Browser > Adobe BrowserLab, or by opening the BrowserLab panel (Window > Extensions > Adobe BrowserLab). 

Don’t just wait until the end of a project to do cross browser testing – we encourage you to use BrowserLab (http://browserlab.adobe.com) early and often in your workflows.

I hope you like BrowserLab, and it lives up to its promise of saving you time and money, as well as making cross browser testing less of a chore and a lot more fun.

Bruce Bowman
Adobe BrowserLab product manager
BrowserLab User Forums, http://forums.adobe.com/community/cslive/browserlab
Twitter: @adobebrowserlab, http://twitter.com/adobebrowserlab, @brucebowman, http://twitter.com/brucebowman

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  • I like the support for multiple languages, that extends the interest of people who want to use this app but the language impedes them.

    Thanks for improve this great service.

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